Clubs & Membership

As with any sport, progression comes from practice and time invested. This is never more true than with windsurfing, so to make this possible, we have club nights and membership deals to make sure the sport is as accessible as possible. We always have plenty going on, so get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

Kids’ Club

OnBoard and Team 15
The OTC are proud to host Will’s Weymouth Warriors – the Team-15 Club that meet each week to go on the water. The emphasis is all about fun and enjoying your time on the water, windsurfing and improving with youths of a similar age. Racing is a great deal of fun and is practiced often, but it is not the ‘be all and end all’. If you know it is not your thing, no problem – we can encourage and progress your skills in other disciplines such as freestyle, foiling, slalom blasting or coastal/wave sailing.

  • Ages: 8 – 18 years old
  • Cost: £10.00 per session (£5.00 for a School Club Member)
  • Days: Mondays (with Tuesdays & Wednesdays added when required)
  • Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm

Adults’ Evening Club

Inspired by our Team-15 Club, the adults’ evening club is very relaxed and put on specifically to get you on the water to let you unwind at the end of a long day and/or week. All that we ask is that you have a basic understanding of the sport beforehand, which can be in the form of one of our 2hr taster sessions (£49.00) booked at a time convenient for you. After that, each club session is just £15.00 for a couple of hours.

The sessions are becoming increasingly popular, so give us a quick call on 07817 717904 and let us know to expect you. 

  • Cost: £15 per session
  • Days: Friday evenings
  • Time: 5.00 – 7.00pm


Exciting news for all windsurfers – The Official Test Centre (OTC) and the National Sailing Academy, have teamed up to provide the ultimate Weymouth and Portland windsurfing experience.

The Windsurfing Membership Scheme has had a massive boost, making the sport more accessible and launching in the harbour easier than ever before. Portland Harbour is one of the most exceptional windsurfing venues in Europe and with The Official Test Centre (OTC), windsurfing is now represented as it deserves to be within the Academy grounds. You can book tuition; hire and test the latest new and used kit, and browse the fully stocked shop, carrying everything you might need … all in one place. As such, with its location, facilities and resources the new windsurfing membership scheme represents unbeatable value.

Running from 1st April each year, annual membership prices can be checked on the WPNSA website by clicking here. The price includes:

  • Vehicle parking in the WPNSA car parks.
  • Use of the changing rooms and shower facilities.
  • Launching fees and harbour dues for the year, providing access in all wind and tide states.
  • Two free one-hour rentals of the latest equipment in stock.
  • 10% off windsurfing tuition from The OTC (excluding foiling).
  • 10% off WPNSA café prices.

All this, plus a calendar full of social events, demo days, pro-clinics and more. And being statistically the windiest location on the south coast, we are sure the wind will show up as well. For more information, call The OTC on 01305 230296 / 07817 717904, or get in contact.

OTC Equipment Membership:

If you’re planning to windsurf from the Academy and rent kit on a regular basis, it would be worthwhile considering being a member of The OTC as well, where you can have unlimited use of the equipment in stock. Now that is A LOT of kit to enjoy, whatever the wind strength.

More Information:

  • Members must first join the annual WPNSA membership scheme above.
  • Opening times are from 10.00am until late, at the OTC staff’s discretion.
  • Minimum joining period is 6 months.


Membership Fees:

Ages: All
Cost: £59.00 p.c.m.

Ages: All
Cost: £74.00 p.c.m.

Ages: All
Persons: Up to four
Cost: £99.00 p.c.m.