Wing Foiling

The new kid on the block, with a little toe in most of our other sports, including SUPing, kitesurfing and foiling. Ridiculed by some … until they tried it for themselves, wing foiling opens new and exciting avenues, getting people foil surfing more easily and riding lumps of swell long before waves have even contemplated breaking. This new sport is fast moving and we’ve got the dream location to get you flying with a wing super quickly. Come try it for yourself and understand exactly what the hype is all about. 

Wing Foiling

Tuition & Hire 

Being such a new sport, there is no National Governing Body (NGB) established yet. But having been wing foiling for some time, the OTC team naturally developed our own operating procedures to get clients up and winging in no time. Two hours is more than enough for most initially, and despite many thinking their arms would be wrenched out, it is actually very balanced and easy to control the wing. And as with all things, a few golden tips make all the difference.


1 to 1: £99.00.

2-4 people: £75.00 per person.

2 hours of tuition, including kit hire (board, foil, wing, leashes and wetsuit (if required)).

Book here: 2hr Wing Foiling Tuition


Wing or foil only: £30.00 for 1 hour; £15.00 subsequent hours.

All Equipment: £50.00 for 1 hour; £70.00 for 2 hours; £20.00 subsequent hours.

Rent a board, foil, wing, leash and wetsuit from our fleet. 

We have plenty of boards available, but for big groups call the centre to reserve prior to arrival.

We have plenty of new and ex-demo boards and wings for sale. Have a look at the deals we have on our online shop Surf Doctor, or come and see us in the centre to talk through your options. We have plenty deals on the pioneering brands’ toys, to get you on the water safely.